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If I Were A Butterfly by Antoine Smith Ft. Rick    

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Brief test summary for 'If I Were A Butterfly'

Test type: Full test
Ordered on 22/03/2009
Executed from 22/03/2009 to 26/03/2009
Sent out to 121 tracktesters
Answers from 51 tracktesters

Excerpt of comments

Really cool stuff, I would be really interested in hearing this album. I work with individuals with autism and hope to help produce some music with some of my friends. I think this cut could use some mastering help, but other then that I like the groove. Try cutting down on the verb, and get the bass under control.
Wauw. I love the deep drumps and the high tones as a mix. Sensitive,
I can appreciate this, it takes alot of courage for a young brotha to come out like this

Added 22-03-2009

The artists introduction to the track:
New contemporary jazz single "IF I WERE A BUTTERFLY," was composed by Antoine Smith and his autistic brother, Aeric Smith to support Autism on Antoine's upcoming cd, Mythical.

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