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You confirm, that you are representing the artist or band, and that you represent undivided right to enter into agreement on behalf of the composer, songwriter and performing artists.

You guaranty towards TT that no other publisher, at this point in time, has any rights to the publishing, production, distribution and promotion of your track, and that this agreement does not violate other agreements in that respect.

You warrant to TT that no other composer or songwriter rights is violated by the music track that you are up-loading on TT (cover numbers).

Copyright holder's collection of copyright fees.

The commercial use of your music entitles you to royalties (ref. terms & conditions).

Any public play of your music entitles copyright holders to collect copyright payments subject to copyright legislation in various countries.

TT has entered into formal agreement covering the Rome-Convention countries (see and the European Union. At the same time TT is in compliance with US Copyright Legislation (ref. below). TT is receiving and distributing music in 92 countries, and TT is gradually expanding its compliance to all countries involved. However it does not appear likely at the present, that any country should exercise more restrictive rules and governance requirements, than those with which TT is already in compliance. TT is undertaking any responsibility in this regard.

Rome-Convention & European Union.

In case that a track is published by TT, and the music track has been produced in a country covered by the Rome-Convention, or the copyright holder is domiciled in a country covered by the Rome-Convention, you are entitled to composer, songwriter and performer copyright payments.

When your music track is published you will be requested to provide information to TT in this regard, and TT is contractually committed to transfer this information to collection agencies. Please note, that it is important to file this information on behalf of composer, songwriter and performing artists when requested by TT, in order for the claimants to be able to collect copyright payments for air-play rights by radio stations, restaurants, in-store usage and a number of other areas, where your music is played to the public.

As long as the music track is un-published, there will be no copyright claims according to our contractual agreements with collection agencies that are governed by the Rome Convention and European Union copyright legislation.

United States

By this agreement you waiver any copyright claims as long as the music track is un-published.

If you or other copyright holders to the music track are members of a US collection agency, you specifically waiver any rights to collect copyright payments from the music track, for as long as the music track is un-published by TT.

When the music track becomes published by TT you will receive email notification, and your waiver is terminated with TT at the day of publishing.

If you terminate your agreement with TT, the waiver expires at the termination day of the agreement.

When your music track is published by TT, you and other copyright holders that you represent are recommended to sign-up with a US collection agency in order to allow for your collection of copyright payments from any public use of your music. For further information consult or

TT will request information from you in this regard at the time of publication, and the information will be included on cue-sheets that are available from TT servers in case any DJ, playlist manager or anyone else, desires to use your music. The cue sheets will enable the user to file appropriate information with the US collection agencies.

Copyright waiver.

Any playing of sound on the TT platform in connection with the testing, will take place as streamed delivery of sound. You waive any claim for composer, songwriter and performer rights in that connection.

After the testing has been completed, you give TT permission to play sound bites of up to 60 seconds (hook lines) of your track (which you will lay out and define), without TT being liable for any rights claims from composer, songwriter or performing artists. The same right applies to third party channels selling your track in online music shops. You permission applies as long as you use TT promotion and distribution platform.

With regard to the tracktesters that have tested your track, you permit them to play the full track as streamed sound from TT, for as long as you grant us the distribution rights.